Fluid. Like Me.

There’s something sexy about the quantified self; numbers are easy to understand, comforting in their immutability.

In this spirit, we bring you GENDr: a self-tracking browser-extension designed to bring order and meaning to your day-to-day data as well as the larger, more esoteric questions of life – specifically that of gender identity.

Dynamic Fluidity Metric

Using our patented Dynamic Fluidity Metric™, GENDr calculates your unique gender composition as a three-part ratio — male to other to female — based on a series of data points derived from your personal browsing history.

The dashboard view provides a sophisticated look at the user’s Dynamic Fluidity Metric over time and allows the user to find and explore patterns within their DFMs.

The user can scrub along a dynamic timeline, change the scale of the timeline around a given date, and by tapping the eye icon, see (and share) their DFM and accompanying recommendations on a given day.

The user also has the opportunity to review what sources are being used to calculate the DFM and to add new sources in order to enhance the accuracy and authenticity of the DFM.

What better way to perform one’s GENDr than a shopping spree?

Performing gender has never been easier!

Material Girl? Boy? Other? No matter, GENDr is here to help you go shopping! Determined by your GENDr ratio, the application recommends a shopping list – material goods and serives that others with similar statistics have consumed within the last 24-hour period. These products are the manifestation of your GENDr identity, buy one or buy them all to let others know how much male, female, and other you possess.

Product placement may be partially influenced by our sponsors (how else could such an application get funding?).

Available Everywhere

No matter where or how you browse, the Dynamic Fluidity Metric is silently working in the background to determine your unique GENDr identity in real-time. In early 2017, the full suite of applications will be available for all of your devices – from mobile to desktop.

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