In “A Cultural Approach to Communication”, James Carey writes (see page 19) that “Things can become so familiar that we no longer perceive them at all. Art, however, can take the texture of a fabric…the design of a face…and wrench these ordinary phenomena out of the backdrop existence and force them into the foreground of consideration.” It is in that vein that I propose artists to be the way to true revolution (not a huge surprise there).

For what it’s worth, I won’t be outlining the road to revolution in this project. I would, however, like to share one example of a piece that my colleagues at Culture Industry [dot] Club and I have been working on with all of this in mind. It’s a quasi-parodic, satirical work of art called GENDr.

Download GENDr on any iOS or Android device, login using existing social media accounts, and you are ready to go. The application generates our patented Dynamic Fluidity Metric™ to identify your unique gender make-up, represented in a three-part ratio: male to female to other. But what’s the point of knowing your GENDr identity if you don’t know what to buy? GENDr will display nine products based on your unique gender statistics — from basketballs to diapers. Product placement is not just driven by our sponsors but on the goods and services others with similar statistics have consumed within the last 24-hour period.

So is it a real thing? Well, sort of. Read on.