The previous 20 posts were an exercise in a number of things:

  1. Could I learn enough about Hegel’s triad and master/slave dialectic to reflect on our current relationship to algorithmically driven commerce?

  2. Could I translate my learnings into small, digestible bites in the form of 250-word (exactly) write-ups?

  3. Could I weave Culture Industry [dot] Club’s own work into the narrative in order to better explain why we do what we do and why GENDr came to be?

I’d say I was quite successful in number two — each post is exactly 250 words. Number three is a maybe; we spent a lot more time on GENDr than what I think is apparent from my write-up.

As for number one? I’m not sure. Hegel is a tough one for me. And he has written so much more than what I covered here. Like, eons more. But sometimes, cherry-picking is the writer’s prerogative.

As for a next step, I’d like to hear some feedback. My colleagues in Culture Industry [dot] Club haven’t read this yet, nor has anyone else, for that matter. I suppose understanding how people react to the work I make is important — at least if I’m going to keep saying that I make work to garner a reaction or change a discourse or the like.

So I would love your feedback now. How did I do? Did it make sense? Does that even matter? Did you learn something new? If so, great.